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Sometimes, they just get labelled Don’t know about you but I think handbags don’t really make good accessories for men.

Independent Girls don’t mind taking responsibility of their own bag, but you are more than welcome to help them with their shopping or groceries! Like some wines, independent girls need some room to breathe in order to thrive.

Don’t be afraid to engage them in discussion or debate.

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Men need to understand the more they demand the attention of an Indpendent Girl, the less they are going to get it.

The very nature of the Independent Girl makes it difficult for them to empathise with people who are overly emotional or demanding.

In the third case, my date showed me photos of the side of her foot, which had blackened calluses.

And when she removed her shoe to show me how she'd reduced them to a raw red patch, I was convinced that home-brewed remedies do help calluses...

Independent girls treasure their independence a lot.

This means it is unlikely they will stick around in an unhappy relationship.These goals don’t have to be materialistic goals, in fact, a man who wants to buy a HDB for his ageing parents for example might fare better compared to a man who wants to have 2 BMWs by the time he’s 30.Despite how willful and obstinate Independent Girls might be, they are still capable of giving and receiving love.Many factors contribute toward making an Independent Girl who she is.Independent Girls can be career women happy with their life or someone having just picked themselves up from a curveball thrown their way.While other people might lament this, independent girls appreciate some alone time to catch up with their own friends, or simply to chill out at home.

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