Gay dating in india

His advice was to ‘live like a man and marry a girl’.

So I asked if a gay man marries a woman, isn’t it an injustice to both of them? I told him: ‘You must tell your family about your sexual orientation.

A few days ago I received a message from a straight man which was typical of the type.

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Secondly he said he is from a small town and his parents will die of shame or even kill themselves if he tells them who he really is.

Despite this, I warned him that marrying a girl would be a great burden and used the same message I had for the straight man I had argued with – that it would be an injustice to both him and his wife. If you have a look at anything from comedy shows to dance reality shows, you will see what a caricature is made of us.

He will never be able to love her as he should and both their lives will be ruined. And while I have become all too accustomed to it, these attitudes destroy lives and even kill. A gay man who lives near Jammu, a city in the far north of the country, sent me a message telling me about his life and asking for my advice. Maybe they will not accept it at first but they will be sure accept you are their son.’He replied it wasn’t that easy.

For this he had no answer, other than to repeat that his way of thinking was different. He argued he is so masculine and muscular that no-one could assume he has feelings for other guys (there is still a general belief in India that gays are all feminine and delicate).

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You can learn about LGBT rights in India on Wikipedia.Public discussion of homosexuality in India has been inhibited by the fact that sexuality in any form is rarely discussed openly.In recent years, however, attitudes towards homosexuality have shifted slightly.But mental, physical, emotional and economic violence against LGBT community in India prevails.Religion has played a role in shaping Indian customs and traditions.I would like to say I was surprised when he claimed he had ‘beaten a lot of gays’ and will continue this violence until ‘you all leave this dick slavery and become men’.

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