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1) when Hispanics loomed large over the colonial territories that are now the United States; 2) when Hispanics lost power in the 19th century as the Anglo imperial frontier expanded into the West, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and the Pacific, and when Hispanics came to be seen as racially inferior, misbehaving children to spank and educate; and 3) when Hispanics in the 20th century slowly crawled their way back from marginalization to claim forcefully a central role in the polity, demographically, politically, and culturally.uses the myths of the fountain of youth, the cities of Cibola, the knights of King Arthur, and the realm of queen Calafia to demonstrate how the Hispanic dimensions of US colonial history shaped its every detail, from Roanoke, to Jamestown, to Plymouth, to Massachusetts Bay, to Charleston, to the Ohio River Valley, to the siege of Yorktown.

makes for tearful, tragic reading: losses, lynching, brutality, and racial slurs aimed at Hispanics, Indians, Blacks, all lumped together.

Felipe follows El Zorro and the Mormon prophet Moroni to describe the losses of California, Texas, the Rockies, the Marianas, Guam, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico, where Hispanics, Blacks, Comanche, Sioux, Apache, and Pacific Islanders had created shared worlds together for generations.

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From the Puritan plantations to the American Revolution.

Hispanics shaped every colonial event described in college textbooks.

One of the first things I learned at the JCB was that Felipe occupied the office right next to ours. During the fellows luncheons he would tear into the other fellows arguments with probing, disarming questions, prefaced always by a learned and most insightful comment on any and every field of expertise. He came for dinner and met my kids, Sebastian and Andrea, both then toddlers.

When asked about his own research, he would reply civilizations. Later Felipe would read my manuscript and help me improve it before it became a book; he wrote a blurb when it was published; promoted it in England and beyond; got it noticed in The Economist; passed judgment on my tenure; followed me around with letters of support in my peripatetic existence.

Schmal Lupe Rivera-Cornell Lorraine Ruiz Frain Tom Saenz Benicio Samuel Snchez Garca Albert Seguin Gonzales Monica Smith Jose Solorio Maria Starr Robert H. I first came across Felipe many more years ago than I care to admit: I met his words first, before I met him.

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