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At ATyp I 2011 in Reykjavik, he showed Making Faces. They also sell EPS files of all Arms of Swiss cantons, and many nice initial caps. The main difference is that mathpazo uses the purposefully designed Pazo Math font family instead of slanted versions of some of the Euler fonts.

Typefaces from 2014: LTC Archive Ornaments (Richard Kegler and Miranda Roth). Look also for Faux Hebrew (simulated Hebrew), as part of the Faux package that also includes Faux Sanskrit, Faux Runic, Faux Hebrew, Faux Japanese, Faux Arabic, Faux Chinese and Faux Chinese Sans. [ Designer who created the pixel grid typeface z001-rom (2008), Katerina (2010, almost LED face), Kinryu (2010), Kinryu No.

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This is used in the ANACOM project in which tilings and patterns are described in a simple mathematical manner. The music font of that set became PT Nota 1 (Vladimir Yefimov at Polyraphmash, 1987). Designer in 1991-2001 of the font Feyn (metafont), which can be used to produce relatively simple Feynman diagrams within equations in a La Te X document.

The idea is fill position (x, y) of a 2d grid with character/glyph f(x, y) where f is any function. From 1986 until 2002, he developed the Paratype Parangon family, available in Latin and Cyrillic versions from URW. He writes: The other Feynman diagram package which exists is Thorsten Ohl's feynmf/feynmp package.

This package is meant to be a replacement for Young Ryu's pxfonts---a complete text and math package with roman text font provided by a Palatino clone, sans serif based on a Helvetica clone, typewriter typefaces, plus math symbol fonts whose math italic letters are from a Palatino Italic clone.

[ Ten fonts, including various uncial and math symbol fonts: American Uncial (URW), Final Romanfat (RWE), Greek Symbols, Iconic Symbols Ext (Monotype), Marshall, Math Ext (Monotype), Phalesiodecor (initial caps), Swordsman (SWFTE), Typographic Ext (Monotype).

In 2006, Kegler added Declaration, a font set consisting of a script (after the 1776 declaration of independence), a blackletter, and 56 signatures.

Many of the fonts were designed or co-designed by Richard Kegler. Lanston subpage (offerings as of 2005: Bodoni Bold, Deepdene, Flash, Fleurons Granjon, Fleurons Garamont, Garamont, Goudy Thirty, Jacobean Initials, Pabst, Spire). In-house fonts made in 2008 include Circled Caps, the Yule family (Regular, Klein Regular, Light Flurries, Heavy, Klein heavy, Heavy Snow, Inline; all have Neuland influences).It provides scaling, improved metrics, and other options. Intermicro published Kudrashov C (1992-1995) based on his work. The latter family was digitized and finished by Vladimir Yefimov at Paratype and called Petersburg (1992).In particular, newtxmath offers a libertine option which substitutes Linux Libertine (provided with Te XLive and Mik Te X) italic and Greek letters for the default Times letters, providing a good match for the Libertine text font, which is heavier than Computer Modern but lighter than Times, and in my experience, looks very sharp and clear on the screen. [ Nicole Sigaud (Humanoid Exotik Designs) is the designer of ANACOM (1997-2002), a font consisting of quarter circles, quarter negative circles and halved squares. The math font of that family was digitized by Vladimir Yefimov at Polyraphmash in 1987 and became PT Math Font 1. [ Astronomer and physicist at the University of Glasgow.Article by Stephen Hartke from Urbana, IL, written in 2006. Twentyfour examples of text face/math typeface are showcased. Here are the better ones (with some text quoted from Hartke's article): Recent additions to Unicode include a number of math symbols.He surveys free math fonts for Te X and La Te X, with examples, instructions for using La Te X packages for changing fonts, and links to sources for the fonts and packages. Hartke is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. These were the result of efforts by STIX, a consortium of scientific and technical publishers.[ With the tax software Quick Books from Intuit Inc comes a free font file with 8 weights of the family Quick Type (truetype), and an OCR-A font. Sceno Grafica has hundreds of commercial fonts in categories appealing to teachers--many cute fonts and dings, some primary school fonts, some math&science fonts.


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